About Us

Having another great stock pick is the path to success.  Or is it?  Picture this, you are smart and read investment newsletters. You jump in and invest in your favorite stock picks, which are the ideas with the best stories. There isn’t a lazy bone in your body.   But then you realize your investment isn’t going to be the path to success you expected.

You become disillusioned after investing your hard earned cash. You hold on to the story. Your stock continues to go down and you picture your money shrinking. You are afraid to take the loss but more afraid of admitting you were wrong.  Eventually, you admit the stock pick was a failure and scrap it. Sometimes you sell close to the very bottom. You feel like you buy the high and sell the low.  You read about another great investment story.  The idea pitched in this story seems like a slam dunk.  The excitement of starting over and being successful fills you with joy.  But then déjà vu hits and the excitement turns into the pain of failure.  This cycle continues to repeat and you feel like a rat in a maze.

Instead, imagine yourself investing your hard earned money using a data-driven system that leads to financial success.  Imagine the freedom of not stepping onto and running on the investment idea treadmill.  No more endless chasing of success via ideas wrapped up in your favorite stories.  Your hard earned money and time are valued.  There is a system that leads to predictable success and each step takes you closer.  Eventually, you feel the tingles of success running through your veins.

Start with the end in mind. What do you want to accomplish with your financial success? How will you get there? The first step is evaluating the results of the data-driven Idea Quicksand system. If you start with a data-driven approach instead of an idea pitched by a story you are already closer to the outcome you desire. Success!