Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Common Stock aka ARWR

ARWR Current Situation

  • Hold stock

ARWR Plot with Buy and Sell Trade Signals

  • ARWR open price graphed for 2019
  • Buy is marked with an X
  • Sell is marked with an octagon
  • Trades are executed at market open
  • A buy and a sell resulting in a gain is highlighted in green
  • A buy and a sell resulting in a loss is highlighted in red
  • Move crosshairs over ARWR YTD interactive graph for details
  • Click on graph below to enlarge it

Adjusted Open Plot for Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Common Stock  (ARWR)

ARWR Trading Results

Period Total Percentage Gain
3 Months 4.30
6 Months 21.78
9 Months 64.76
YTD 0.00
12 Months 85.33
24 Months 93.61
All Months 93.61

Trade Assumptions

  • Results are added up to calculate total % change
  • Results don’t account for compounding of % gains
  • Results that are positive are gains
  • Results that are negative are losses
  • Results don’t include incomplete buy/sell pairs (e.g. a buy without a sell)
  • Results don’t account for dividends, even if dividend payment is applicable
  • Results include a commission of $0.029 per share for both buys and sells
  • Results may be impacted by inaccurate or incomplete data
  • Results are only for educational and informational use
  • You will need to account for your broker’s specific commission costs
  • Results don’t account for taxes
  • You will need to consult a tax professional

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