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AYX Open Price Plot with Trade Signals

  • Plot starts with first buy during 2018 calendar year
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Adjusted Open Plot for ALTERYX CL A (AYX)

% Gains By Time Frame

Time Frame % Gain Per Trade Total % Gain
All 3.61 90.20
3 Months -1.09 -3.28
6 Months 5.04 35.30
9 Months 6.29 75.51
12 Months 4.88 82.90
24 Months 3.61 90.20


  • Results associated with each trade are added up to calculate total % gain
  • Results don’t account for compounding of % gains
  • Results that are positive are gains and results that are negative are losses
  • Results don’t include incomplete buy/sell pairs (e.g. a buy without a sell)
  • Results don’t account for dividends, even if dividend payment is applicable
  • Results include a commission of $0.029 per share for both buys and sells, you will need to account for your broker’s specific commission costs
  • Results don’t account for taxes, you will need to consult a tax professional
  • Buy is marked with an X on the plot
  • Sell is marked with an octagon on the plot

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