MAXR Maxar Technologies Inc. aka MAXR

MAXR Current Situation

  • Hold stock

MAXR Plot with Buy and Sell Trade Signals

  • MAXR open price graphed for rolling 12 months
    • Rolling 12 month plot starts on 2019-07-06
    • Rolling 12 month only includes complete buy sell pairs
  • Buy is marked with an X
  • Sell is marked with an octagon
  • Trades are executed at market open
  • A buy and a sell resulting in a gain is highlighted in green
  • A buy and a sell resulting in a loss is highlighted in red
  • Click graph below to enlarge it

Adjusted Open Plot for 
Maxar Technologies Inc.

Cumulative Trading Results for 
Maxar Technologies Inc.

Cumulative Benchmark Buy and Hold Results for 
Maxar Technologies Inc.

MAXR Trading Results

Total Percentage Period
5.85 3 Months
-22.72 6 Months
75.58 9 Months
-22.72 YTD Months
54.32 12 Months
31.33 24 Months
41.46 All Months

Trade Assumptions

  • Results are added up to calculate total % change
  • Results don’t account for compounding of % gains
  • Results that are positive are gains
  • Results that are negative are losses
  • Results don’t include incomplete buy/sell pairs (e.g. a buy without a sell)
  • Results don’t account for dividends, even if dividend payment is applicable
  • Results include a commission of $0.029 per share for both buys and sells
  • You will need to account for your broker’s specific commission costs
  • Results may be impacted by inaccurate or incomplete data
  • Results are only for educational and informational use
  • Results don’t account for taxes
  • You will need to consult a tax professional
  • Buy and hold strategy for MAXR was used as the benchmark

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